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LED agriculture lighting "to shine"


1 The advantages of LED lighting in agricultural applications have become increasingly obvious

LED is a new type of lighting source that has received extensive attention and rapid development in recent years. As a new type of lighting source, LED has many different characteristics from other electric light sources, which also makes it the first choice for energy saving and environmental protection light sources. In the past 10 years, the area of ​​horticultural facilities in China has developed rapidly. The light environment control technology for plant growth has attracted attention. The horticultural light irradiation technology is mainly applied in two aspects: as a supplemental irradiation for photosynthesis of plants when the amount of sunshine is small or when the sunshine time is short; as an induced irradiation of the plant photoperiod and photomorphogenesis. LED has significant advantages in both aspects.

In recent years, with the continuous development of agricultural production technology and people’s increasing demand for improving the planting yield and shortening the planting cycle, artificial light sources are increasingly used in the field of plant growth, such as vegetables, fruits and flowers. Growth lighting, nursery, etc.

LED can also be applied to the aerospace eco-surveillance system. The establishment of a controlled ecological life-support system is the fundamental way to solve the long-term manned space life assurance issue. One of its key technologies is light. Compared with other sources such as cool white fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and metal halide lamps, LEDs can effectively convert light energy into photosynthetically active radiation; in addition, it has long life, small size, light weight, and solid-state characteristics. Therefore, LEDs have received much attention in recent years for ground and space plant cultivation.

In traditional agricultural production, agricultural technology measures such as using ordinary electric light sources to supplement light and white light sources covering colored plastic films are generally used to change the light environment to regulate the growth and development of plants in the cultivation environment. However, these measures have different degrees of problems, such as the lack of analysis of specific spectral components resulting in impure light quality, inconsistent light intensity, close to or even lower than the light compensation points of plants, and low energy efficiency of irradiation light sources. LED can solve these problems, especially suitable for artificial light control plant cultivation environment.

2 International giants cut into plants with LED lighting to prove market maturity

In addition to general lighting applications, the 2011 Taipei Optoelectronic Expo is the most attention paid to plant lighting. In addition to the establishment of a plant factory by international giant Philips, Osram, a German manufacturer, has also invested in led plant lighting. China's 12th Five-Year Plan has listed plant plants as key projects, and Japan will also establish 100 plant factories after the earthquake. Taiwan factory, which is the second largest producer of LEDs, certainly hopes to take the initiative in this vast market. Simon Technology, Haoran Technology and Haokai Industry have also invested resources and exhibited their proud achievements in this exhibition.

Different bands have different effects on plant growth. To increase the photosynthesis of plants, the proportion of blue light can be increased. To promote seed germination or to regulate flowering can be controlled by red light, and to suppress the growth of plant stems, ultraviolet light can be irradiated. Because LED Light is different from sunlight and traditional full spectrum, it belongs to a single spectrum. Therefore, the use of LEDs in the special use of plant lighting has absolute advantages, attracting investment from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Taking German Osram as an example, the light source designed for LED plant lighting was exhibited for the first time at Taipei Optoelectronics Expo 2011. It was designed with a red light of 656nm wavelength plus 455nm blue light and 6500K white light. Taiwan was the world's LED. As a pioneer in agriculture, Osram exhibited its latest product in plant lighting with Taiwan as its first stop, hoping to grab the Asian LED plant lighting pie.

In addition to displaying the 35W and 70W plant lighting group, Haoran Technology also made the LED plant lighting into the G19 bulb lamp type, hoping to attack the general home market. This product is currently exported to Japan and creates a bright eye. Achievements.

In addition to the LED plant growth lamp module, Simon Technologies and Zhongxing University have long-term cooperative research and established a demonstration farm for Wangwang Agriculture. Repeated experiments were conducted on lettuce and Hami melon. As a result, the weight of lettuce supplemented with LED light was significantly lower than that without light supplement. More than doubled, demonstrating that LED lights have a significant effect on plant growth. Proposed plant factory concept for whole plant output.

Including (1) LED plant light planning and design, (2) light-filled greenhouse planning and construction, (3) three-dimensional combined bed planting, (4) liquid circulatory system, (5) temperature control system, (6 Container plant factories, (7) Integration of energy-saving system applications, and (8) Agricultural technology and materials services. Simon Technology has long been cultivating LED lighting and has made LED plant lighting from a single product to the entire ecosystem concept.

Industrie's industry is displaying a 50W LED plant growth lamp consisting of 32 high-power red light (650~670 nm) plus 4 high-power blue light (450~460 nm). The net weight is about 3 kg up to IP66. Grades can be applied to hydroponic agriculture, horticultural design, greenhouse lighting and homeless cultivation.

Now that you know why having the best LED Hydroponic Light is the most effective way of growing plants indoors, it is important to know what exactly you should be looking for in a model before purchasing it. Even though LED grow lights overall consume less power, provide more useful light, and give off less heat, there are still poor models that wouldn't give you everything that you are looking for in a set up. By taking a look at a few things, though, you'll be capable of having the best harvests ever and making sure you are saving money and able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

LED Grow tube light uses the new light spectrum optimized horticulture SMD LEDs for higher yields and lower operating costs compared to standard horticultural T8 and T5 fluorescent light fixtures.Ideal lighting for Micro greens, lettuce and seedlings, the low profile light tube allows for a great utilization of growing space while reducing the cost and maintenance of LED drivers.

How to Select the Best Grow Light for your Greenhouse?

The plant needs light to thrive cause the light is essental for photosynthesis.without it,plants can not make food.but light can also be too intense,too hot or last too long for growing healthy plants.plant growth accelerates with abundant light because more of the plant`s leaves have exposure,which means more the winter,days are not long enough,but many plants still need 12 hours or more of light per day.

Now,adding led grow lights to your greenhouse is an nice choice if you live in the north, and can not get enough daylight in might be take HID into consideration,cause it has high output and cover a wide area.but now,we providing you some dfferent.the newest type of grow lights use LED technology.

Provides Maximum Light Density and optimizing spectrum(410nm-740nm,white)

as we know that the plants need more light from the blue side of the spectrum during their seedling stage and when developing foliage and require light from the orange to red side of the spectrum while inblooming and fruiting phases. We adopting lastest intergrated COB technology, white , more red and blue PAR(410-740nm) per Watt than any other lighting fixture  for the best color uniformity.

Dual Veg and Bloom for plant growth and bloom

the Led grow lights feature selectable VEG and BLOOM light spectrums to deliver maximum performance from seeding through the flower stage and finally harvest.

Increase yields and potency

using high quality lense that hyper-focus the lights on your canopy.the photons are beamed directly to the plants.this gives growers the ability to get greatest possible crop yield.

Reduce your costs with energy efficiency

energy-efficient cannabis grow lights cost between 40%-60% less to operate compared to HID lam year.

Led grow light also eliminate the needs for ballasts and reflectors while they minimize the cooling systems,accelerating your will see the electrical bills trimmed by approximately half,year after year.

Installs and operates simply

the input voltage is AC100V-240V,fit for the world standard,built-in power not need other equipment,just access to the Plug,the lamp will be work smoothly. The led grow lighting is small size,just few inches and easy to is the good option for some greenhouse.

Long lifespan

using built-in quiet fans and the shutter in the wind,induced draftfrom all sides.runs with quiet. Useadvanced isolation power supply and soft start protection technology, to prevent the high voltage when turn on the light from damagingthe lamp body.


Latest Diamond Version LED Grow Light for plants,using effective full spectrum 360-870nm sunlight spectrum for plants,largely accelerate the plant growth.Compare with the previous led grow lights,Diamond LED Grow Light use high par value and high lumen ligthing for the plant growth.Solid lamp body  can last for long time.It can be used to enhance the growth of different plants (medical plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers ).Widely used in hydroponic,greenhouse, indoor garden, horticulture, aeroponics.It is suitable for all plants growth.

Usage Instruction:
Extremely bright,do not look directly at the LED grow light when the light is working.
Indoor use only,not extra ballast is needed.
This light includes IR(infrared)LEDs which look dim/invisible,they are not faulty LEDs.
Timer controls both channels on/off together.cannot turn VEG and BLOOM channels on/off separately.

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